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This greeting card measures 5" x 7".  It includes an envelop and is packaged in clear sleeve for protection in shipping but also in case you want to store it for a while as a special occasion card for that forgotten event!


The card-stock is 100lbs matte and makes really smooth cards that represent the prints beautifully.


This greeting card is a reproduction from a watercolour I did in 2018.  


I love cats!  Big or small!  These two reminded me of fun winter days in Ottawa when I was out playing in the snow with my children and it was time to get in.  There was always some protest, some snow throwing, sometimes a bit of a tantrum  before they complied with the "I will make hot chocolate" bribe.  I wonder what this mother bribed her cub with?!?


Original was done on Arches paper, 16"x12", watercolours.  (Original is in a private collection and is not for sale)

Yes Mama!

SKU: GC-YesMama