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This greeting card measures 5" x 7". It includes an envelop and is packaged in clear sleeve for protection in shipping but also in case you want to store it for a while as a special occasion card for that forgotten event!

The card-stock is 100lbs matte and makes really smooth cards that represent the prints beautifully.

This greeting card is a reproduction from a watercolour I did in 2018. 

I just love to paint animals and especially like to try to capture species that are endangered or at risk. When I first saw this reference photo (from Wildlife Reference Photos for Artists website) I laughed. I could just picture the Mommy getting ready to slurp her cub and the cub looked like she was saying "but, I took a bath yesterday Mommy!"! I still see this scene when I look at it on some days but on other days I just see either the cub after getting scolded or just plain motherly love. What do you see?

Original was done on Arches paper, 18"x12", watercolours. (Original is for sale - contact us for more information - the listing should be up in Mid to late November 2019)

Mother's Love