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This greeting card measures 5" x 7".  It includes an envelop and is packaged in clear sleeve for protection in shipping but also in case you want to store it for a while as a special occasion card for that forgotten event!


The card-stock is 100lbs matte and makes really smooth cards that represent the prints beautifully.


This greeting card is a reproduction from a watercolour I did in 2017.  


Kibo is a little elephant that I fell in love with when I started to paint.  I just love to paint animals and especially like to try to capture species that are endangered.


Although not monochrome, the use of mostly a single colour for the little elephant made it easier for me to do the light and dark areas within this painting.  In the reference photo, this baby is surrounded by his family but, to me, he just stood out!


Original was done on Arches paper, 14"x10", watercolours.  (Original is privately owned and not for sale)


SKU: Kibo