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Original painting commissions begin at $80 (based on size and medium type).   Once a reference photo and size have been agreed upon, a 50% deposit will be due before the work begins. Square (Credit card) invoicing and payment processing system is available but also accept eTransfer (Canada only).  When the deposit has been received your order will be added to calendar.  Artwork creation can vary between 1-3 months.  If time is a constraint please contact us as soon as possible.  

To start the process, please fill and submit the commissions request form below. 

Weekend sale does not apply to commission orders.


Reference Photos


Good references photos are so important to the success of your painting.  Multiple photos under different lighting can not only give good resource material to the artist but also give a sense of the personality of your pet which is what the artist strives to capture.  All reference photos should be sent in high resolution.  Photos should be of the animal in light, 3/4 profile or frontal and in the mood that the owner would like represented.  If a photo is blurry or does not represent the animal in a way that can be comfortably represented then you may be asked to send additional reference photos.  The artist reserves the right to decline a commission if adequate reference material is not provided.

Wrapping up

Once the artwork is completed a photo will be emailed to you for acceptance and review.  If you accept it then an invoice will be issued which will include shipping and the remaining of commission costs.  If you do not approve of the final results you do not need to pay the balance but the deposit will not be refunded.


All artwork is sold unframed (but shipped well protected), if you would like to discuss framing options please let us know in advance and we can coordinate this for you (cost of framing will be added to final invoice).


Residents of the Ottawa region can pick up their painting at the studio.

Some of the paintings can be very intricate, I love how watercolour has a mind of it's own!  It guides me through a painting and helps me pull out the essence of each portrait I paint.